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As a single slewing ring bearing can synchronously support radial, axial and tilting moment loads, it is regarded as the premium product in the field of rolling element bearing. Featuring compact design, it facilitates more ease of use and can be manufactured without teeth, with internal or external teeth.

Xinqianglian is a Chinese leading manufacturer of heavy duty slewing bearings which are cost-effective options for various types of rotary devices carrying heavy loads. According to the rolling element and structure design, our range of turntable bearing is classified into the cross roller bearing, three-row roller bearing, double-row ball bearing, ball-roller combination bearing, and the four point contact ball bearing. We deliver not only premium quality rolling bearings but also custom bearing solutions for various industries so as to help our customers achieve their goals.

Throughout the world, our range of large diameter slewing bearings are installed in a wide variety of applications, including cranes, wind turbines, tunnel boring machines, concrete pump trucks, CT scanners, stacker and reclaimers, and so on. Their range of applications make slewing ring bearings an integral part of particular industries, including medical, military, mining, power generation, construction machinery, and more.>>More

Main products
    1. Slewing Bearing
    2. Slewing Bearing

      The slewing bearing, also called a turntable bearing, can be provided with various types and sizes of holes. Also, it is available in different configurations, such as internal gear, external gear, and gearless types. Special double row and triple row configurations are also provided so as to meet individual demands.

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    1. Yaw Bearing for Wind Turbines
    2. Yaw Bearing for Wind Turbines

      Wind turbine is widely used in wind power generation industry to convert wind energy into electricity. The yaw bearing is a critical part for the yaw system of modern wind turbines. By using combination with the blade bearing for wind turbine blade system, this type of slewing ring bearing allows the wind wheel to rotate smoothly and flexibly in wind.

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    1. Wind Turbine Main Shaft Bearing
    2. Wind Turbine Main Shaft Bearing

      According to the requirements of wind turbine manufacturers, we can design and develop different types of wind turbine main shaft bearings based on the system structure. Double row tapered roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller bearings are commonly used rolling element bearings to serve as the main shaft support bearing for wind turbines.

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    1. Tunnel Boring Machine Bearing
    2. Tunnel Boring Machine Bearing

      Through analysis on the performance and reliability of TBM main bearings, we have a deep understanding on the bearing load distribution and contact stress characteristics. Based on this, we have successfully optimized the structure design of our range of tunnel boring machine bearing.

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    1. Heavy Duty Slewing Bearing
    2. Heavy Duty Slewing Bearing

      With state of the art technologies, we are capable of designing and making heavy duty bearings with outer diameter up to 12,000mm. Also, we can supply products with different structures, including three-row roller bearing and ball-roller combination slewing bearing with internal, external, or without gearing.

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